Musax Background Music Library Vol. 1

Musax Background Music Library Vol. 1
Artist: Various
Label: Compilations
Release Date: 10-1-2020

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1. My Wooden Cross
2. Peter
3. Cimarone
4. Remorse Ful
5. Trois Caros
6. Liberia Land
7. Watery Stars
8. Iceberg
9. Pictures Of My Soul
10. Man Fly
11. Ghost March
12. Marchaleco

About Album


For this first volume of Musax Background Music Library, Farfalla Records continues exploring the maze of the french library music through one of its most discreet and prolific representatives: Jacky Giordano and one of his many projects, the Musax label.
Farfalla Records carefully selected this tracklisting among LPs recorded between 1978 and 1979 of which the originals became particularly sought after by the collectors. Jacky Giordano who appears under his aliases Joachim Sherylee and José Pharos, is surrounded by qualified and renowned musicians such as Jean-Pierre Decerf, Jean-Claude Pierric, Serge Planchon, Patrick Petitbon, Gérard Gesina, Jean-Charles Capon, Daniel Humair and also a band composed of members from the legendary Crazy Horse cabaret, namely Pedro Perea, Claude Brisset, Bruno Bompard, Jean-Claude Guselli, Claude Thirifays, Vincent Momplet and Joseph Gatineau.
This selection mixing explosive jazz-funk, lascivious jazz and electronic music more spacey or experimental, which could also be the soundtrack for a TV show, a porn movie or a car chase between cops and gangsters in the bad neighbourhoods of Paris. A fascinating slice of the French music scene of the late 70 is brought to life before our very eyes.

Erwann Pacaud


All tracks recorded between 1978 and 1979.
Remastered at The Carvery (UK).
℗ 2020 Farfalla Records.