Occhio Occhio

Artist: Eleven76
Label: Bands
Release Date: 14-2-2022


1. August Moon
2. Death Smiles
3. Sunflower
4. Seeing Double
5. The Tiger Bite
6. Wandering Eye
7. The Hornet's Nest
8. Tooth Rot (Bonus)
9. Feline
10. Puzzle
11. The Scarab's Quest
12. XYZ (Bonus)
13. This Kind Of Love
14. June (Bonus)

About Album


After their debut album “Space Voyage” for Warner Chappell, Eleven76 are back with a new album commercially available for the first time entitled “Occhio Occhio”.
The album contains insect-themed outernational grooves with tropical and arabian flavours and smooth and buttered tunes with soulful vibes that are reminiscent of classic european library music. Vintage synthesizers and hot tape-recorded drums continue to lead Eleven76’s mystique, with travels through funk territories and all the while frenzied percussion-heavy break beats keep b-girls and b-boys moving on the floor.
Including the sold out first two singles “The Scarab’s Quest” & “The Hornet’s Nest” plus 3 exclusive tracks for this vinyl edition.


Produced by Paul Elliott & Anthony Donje.
All tracks mixed by Timmy Rickard except ‘Scarab’s Quest’ mixed by Paul Elliott ‘June’ mixed by Paul Elliott & Anthony Donje ‘XYZ’ & ‘Tooth Rot’ mixed by Anthony Donje.
Mastered by Andrea De Bernardi at Eleven Mastering.
Cover artwork by Rus Khasanov.
All titles published by Copyright Control.
© 2021 Eleven76 ℗ 2021 Farfalla Records.