Pop Sensation / Sounds In The Night

Pop Sensation / Sounds In The Night by Orgasmo Sonore
Artist: Orgasmo Sonore
Labels: 45 Series, Bands
Release Date: 15-9-2023

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1. Pop Sensation
2. Sounds In The Night

About Album


Pop Sensation – A groovy and sensual rhythm for a laid back evening with spring reverb Fender guitar and space echo Moog as featured guests.

Sounds In The Night – Walking at night into the city after the rain when every sound seems to reverberate on the wet concrete. Modulating guitar over ambient dark jazz and noir.


Composed and performed by Orgasmo Sonore.
Produced and recorded by Frank Rideau at Studio Le Bruxelles.
Mixed by Knarf Waters.
Mastered by Frank Merritt at The Carvery.
℗ 2023 Farfalla Records.